Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Saskin Steps Up

As predicted he would...

The PA just put out this statement ten minutes ago:

"Following a conference call with members of the Executive Board on Monday evening, Ted Saskin made the following statement:

“After good dialogue with members of the Executive Board, I decided that it was in the best interests of the membership to conduct a secret ballot vote amongst our Player Representatives and Executive Officers so that there are absolutely no questions regarding my election as Executive Director and General Counsel.”

The NHLPA will make no further comment on this matter until the voting process has been completed."

In my opinion this goes a long way towards putting this behind us and allowing the sport to start the season with only positive energy. It is a great move and I commend him for it...

There is a belief out there among players that if someone else was to fill this position it wouldn't be good at all for the PA. Basically what many players are thinking is summed up by this: This CBA is Ted's deal and we need a guy in there who is accountable to this deal. He will work harder to make this deal work than anyone else. If we bring another guy in, he could always say, "I didn't make this deal."

The secret ballot that will be conducted, upholds the NHLPA constitution that requires a secret ballot to ratify Ted's position. The fact that this didn't happen has been a major issue since the five hour conference call that started this controversy.

After this vote, should Ted be elected, I feel the fact that he did this will allow the PA to become a much stronger and more united organization. Ted can turn this into a unifying and positive event.

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