Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Rumors and Our Fantasy Game Preview

Well, summer is over!

With Labor Day Weekend behind us, we can now focus firmly on the season at hand, and not on looking for dark, cool places… We are finally in a month where games will be played!

Kovalchuk. Despite rumors that he wouldn't mind a trade to the Rangers, it looks more and more like he could be signing in the very near future with the Thrashers. Kovalchuk reportedly is looking for over 7M a year (e3).

The Thrashers also still have their sights on Peter Bondra. By adding both players the Thrashers, who also added Holik and Hossa, will be a force, especially on the powerplay.

Yanic Perreault is reportedly in heavy discussions with the Maple Leafs, (e3) Yanic is a talented guy who has been the #1 face-off guy in the last three years.

Our fantasy game is coming along really well and you will be able to sign up for the game in the near future. In our fantasy game you will draft a team by using the actual player salaries, and keeping your roster under 39 Million..just like the real GMs!

The scoring will be interesting and in depth, with points given for goals, assists, shots, pim, +/-, and others. Every week your team will go head to head with another team from somewhere on the planet. The team with the most points at the end of the week will get a win. Following the Olympic break, the best 128 teams will compete in a tournament that will yield 1 champion. That champion will win an HDTV! We will also have monthly winners who will get official NHL customized jerseys of their choice, and weekly winners who will get hockeybuzz shirts. The Fantasy game will be free for all to play in. Season Ticket Holders will have the ability to track their stats in real time! This is a very expensive feature to offer, but how much fun will that be?


  • I will be holding a chat for the Season Ticket Holders today at 4:30pm ET. Look for your password this afternoon.

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