Saturday, September 03, 2005


Kovalchuk and a Berger Fix on the Maple Leafs

Rumors continue to swirl the Kovalchuk could be offered a max contract by the Rangers. (e3) That would probably force the Thrashers to match, however four first rounders from the Rangers could be pretty good picks as the team rebuilds. This will be very interesting to follow. next week, as will the Bondra saga which continues....

Not much is expected in terms of movement for the next three days as the US goes on a holiday weekend. We aren't going on holiday. We will be working hard at getting up and running...For a preview go to where you can join the others who are buying their Hockey Buzz Season Tickets at the discounted rate prior to September 15th...Have a great a holiday weekend in the US...when we come back on Tuesday, summer will be over...and that means hockey is here again!


  • Now for one of the many celebrity bloggers that you will be reading on come September 15th, the amazing Howard Berger...


    The Fan-590 Radio, Toronto

    TORONTO (September 3) – As the Maple Leafs continue pre-training camp sessions at Lakeshore Arena, I’d like to offer the following observations about the club’s forwards, and their potential for the coming season.

    If you’ve studied Pat Quinn’s coaching methods at all closely, you know that he makes use of all of his forwards by rolling four lines almost every game. The third and fourth-liners obviously do not get the same ice-time as the first two units, but everyone plays. In the past, this strategy has not been a problem for Quinn. During his tenure as coach (and GM for much of the time), the Leafs have almost always had enough proven scorers to effectively fill out the line-up. And, if a given forward unit was not clicking, Quinn was very quick to mix things up. That type of flexibility will be extremely important for Quinn this season, because he doesn’t have the scoring depth of previous years. Many Leaf fans have been e-mailing me with suggestions for the lines Quinn should use, but until he gets a close look at some combinations during training camp and the pre-season games, it’s impossible to determine who might fit where, and for how long....

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