Friday, September 09, 2005


Friday Morning's Random Paragraph

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Friday' Morning's Random Paragraph

I talked to a few goalies over the last 48 hours regarding the rumor flying around that the NHL is considering allowing Goalie Jerzees to be different than those of other players...The goalies I talked to loved the idea. It gives them their own product to market, in a similar way to their mask designs. Except there isn't a group of people out there buying masks. So if they get good designers, it could be interesting. I know this flies in the face of tradition, so I am sure it will be hugely controversial. The rumors have largely focused on the goalies selling advertising on their jerseys, but I have been told that element has been discussed but isn't a definite at all..If a guy can make more money by selling advertising he should be able to. It hasn't hurt Nascar any. We all hated when ads were put on the boards, but now seeing a game without them looks odd. Fact is these players signed a linkage deal and they need to increase revenues. That is the bottom line. I am a purist as well, but I am also a realist. I am a purist when it comes to the game, but I like the rule changes. At least I like the sentiment. To say I like the rule changes until I see them in action is impossible. I like progressive thinking. I guess I am a purist when it comes to the way players are. The respect they give to the fans. The concept that they should be appreciative for their gift. I don't mind advertising, I do mind Terrell Owens. That is where I draw the line. Anyone in the entertainment industry that doesn't treat the people who pay the freight like gold doesn't deserve to make a cent. I have been playing NHL 06 and NHL 2k6 back to back as I work on a review to compare the two of them side by side.


The Penguins will hold a press conference to announce Sydney Crosby's signing today. A very symbolic moment in the new NHL...Exciting stuff.

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