Thursday, September 08, 2005



The rumor goes like this...According to three good sources, all is not well with Datsyuk and Russia. The Team that he signed with for 6 Million he very much wanted to play for. However, the Russian team he played for prior has matched the contract offer and he is frustrated and doesn't want to play for that team. So he told a few of his Russian buds back here that he is strongly considering bagging the whole thing and coming back to Detroit....(e3-4)

There are some players on the Wings who aren't happy with him at all! .there was a conference call today where some strong opinions were expressed....There are some that feel he really messed up Holland's plan, forcing him to spend more on Zetterburg and not go after UFAs during the frenzy....

This is how it works with the Russian Teams and players returning to the NHL. It took me all day to figure this out, so I apologize...This applies to Kovalchuk as well..(if there is an out clause)..Kovalchuk played for his Russian Team last night and registered an assist. However as long as he doesn't play into the NHL regular season he can return. Same with Datsyuk. This is the Reijo Ruotsalainen rule....if they return to the NHL after playing a game outside the league during the NHL regular season they would have to clear waivers...something Atlanta or Detroit would never risk...

By the way Jokinen in FLA is threatening playing over there as well...(e2)

we have ourselves a soap opera!...ugh!

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