Thursday, August 11, 2005


Writers Wanted

A while ago I put out an email to the Insiders looking for people to write for the new website. I still need some people. There will be a section called "Hockey Blog World." One section of Hockey Blog World will be written by players, reporters, agents, and media....The other section will be written by fans. I am looking for people who are huge fans to write a blog for their team. I want someone who attends the games, and can go to several practices...I am looking for people with personality who can write from a fresh perspective. You will be required to update the blog after practices and games. I will have one key writer and then some back-ups that the key person will contact when they can't do it. Please email me back at with "Writer" in the subject, and your phone number in the message. Tell me what team you can cover, and a little about yourself. I will call you.

Thanks and get is coming. Soon we will have a preview website up, and a beta version for the insiders...The Fantasy Game will be amazing and you'll be able to build your ultimate roster starting Sept 15th. I will be telling you more about the Fantasy game and how it will work along with the prizes that you can win soon.

To become an Insider and get you Season Ticket to, click on the visa logo to the left.

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