Wednesday, August 03, 2005



LEETCH signs with Boston
Modano rejects offer from Dallas (may be headed to Boston..or minnesota)
Satan to Montreal
Forsberg to Sopel to NYI to clear cap space
Pallfy could soon be an Islander again
Berard to Columbus (DONE and Confirmed)
Cujo to Pittsburgh
Burke to Pitt

We will be holding an insider chat at 4pm, and closing down the main chat room for an hour.
We went out and spent some more money to increase our chat capacity to 300...
We are also selling pre-sale memberships to the new website. see the top left corner of the blog and become an insider...Only $19.95 will give you all the features of the new website including: insider emails, private chats, chats with players, all the blogs from hockey's finest, the ability to email comments to hockey's finest, discounts on hockey merchandise, podcast interviews, fantasy hockey tip sheets, and the kitchen sink.

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