Wednesday, August 31, 2005


What's a Devil to Do?

I get countless emails pertaining to the situation on the Turnpike, and questioning how Lou is going to get under the cap? Lou keeps repeating the same mantra, "I have until October."

Were it anyone else, or almost anyone else, you would question this more. But talking to many people around that are very familiar with the situation it appears that Lou is banking on a fact that has not been discussed much. There are many question marks on many rosters that involve players teams are banking on. Guys who are older. Guys that had they missed a year due to injury, we would have wondered about. With older players, a year off is a big deal. And many of these guys are being written in on depth charts.

I believe Lou is waiting on this. He knows he has to move some players, but currently their trade value is little or nothing...but...when the teams hit camp and some of the guys can't fill in those positions they are slated for, Lou will have some valuable pieces....

Theodore and The Habs..

This situation is getting very dicey.

Apparently the two sides are in that critical spot that all negotiations come to where it could go either way. The numbers are apparently close, but Theodore wants a longer deal (e2). I will try and get more info on this as the day goes...

Another rumor floating around is this one...

Vancouver: Luke Richardson, Marc Denis, Nikolai Antropov
Columbus: Dan Cloutier, Ed Jovanovski
Toronto: Matt Cooke, 2nd round pick from Columbus

I am hunting this down for validity as well....that's why they call them trade rumors...I will be on the phones alot today...

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