Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Update and the Ones That Got Away

Has reportedly signed with Vancouver. Great move.

Alright here's a few that I missed terribly..not that some of you aren't quick to point these out. But I will stand up and face the music on these two...


After extensive talks with Boston and Toronto briefly, he signed with Pittsburgh out of the blue. Rechhi apparently had alot to do with this.


I heard rumblings about NJ and did post them at one point a week ago as a possible destination, but I truly never thought that Lou would bring in this risk to a team that is dangerously close to the cap. I will say this. Of all the GMs in this league the one I respect the most, and the one the players all love the most, is Lou. He really cares about his players and always gives them a team that can win it all. So who am I to question this move?

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