Sunday, August 21, 2005


The Top Ten UFA's Left

As the Free Agent Frenzy winds down there are still a few gems out there and here's what I am hearing…

The Top Ten UFAs Left.

#10- Stephane Quintal-A very good defenseman that we haven't heard much about at all lately. A great leader that can dish out some serious hits still at 37. Speed is an issue in the new NHL, but some young teams who need leadership are interested. Nashville (2E) and Anaheim (1E)

#9-Lyle Odelein- Similar To Quintal, except a bit better outlet passer. Hearing the Keenan wants him (2E)

#8-Scott Lachance- Hearing that this is the last UFA Toronto will sign. (3E)

#7-Bryan Marchment-A stay-at-home guy with great leadership qualities. Could go wherever Quintal does not go to, but I haven't heard any specific rumors. Not much offense in his game

#6- Scott Young- Another great leader with tons of experience…I have heard Boston (E1) and Buffalo (E1).

#5-Brian Savage- I am hearing if Montreal doesn't get Selanne they will sign Savage. (2E) There are other teams looking at him as well, but I haven't been able to pin anything down.

#4-Vincent Damphousse- Another guy who would like to (and should) end his career in Montreal. I have also heard the Pens are considering him (E2). As are the Ducks (E1)

#3-Dave Andreychuk-You would think that after Marty is done in Tampa, they would try to bring him back. However that is not a foregone conclusion, and the Sabres have expressed interest in bringing him back (E1)…see a trend here? Some of the older FAs are interested in finishing their careers where they started.

#2-Teemu Selanne-A lot of talk about him. Montreal (E3), Atlanta (E2), St. Louis (E3), San Jose (E2), Chicago (E1).

#1-Peter Bondra-It is down to four teams. Uncertain as to exactly what the Final Four is. Atlanta, Philly, Detroit, and Washington are my guess. Toronto and LA, and the NYR have been involved as well…all these from very good sources. This is a case of where Peter wants to go. A decision should come soon. Very tough to handicap this one.

Quick Recap on the E-System...The more E's the more sources....

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