Sunday, August 07, 2005


Sunday Morning Rumors

So with Palffy in line in Pittsburgh there is some speculation that Stumpel may join his countryman with the Pens.

Thibault is rumored to be going to many teams of course. A good source said this to me just now, "The Penguins have had a deal on the table with Burke for the last two weeks. I was told they were waiting to see if Thibault would be available. Now that he is, I see the Pens making a strong run." Other teams looking at Thibault include, Tampa and Vancouver.

Selanne to St. Louis still looks to be more and more certain, but Atlanta is believed to be gearing up to make a push.

The steal of the free agent world. The word is a Lindros deal with Toronto may have been done yesterday...1.5M for one year, with a team option for a second year. I think this is a great signing. Yes, Lindros is a risk...But at 1.5 this is a no-brainer. Face it, when 88 is playing even at 75% he is capable of doing more than a majority of NHL players. And a year off does great things for concussions. If he comes back at 90% he is an elite player, and of course should he be close to 100% he is a dominant force. Not bad for 1.5 at all. I am hearing that Eric probably could have gotten more elsewhere in fact. A good source said this, "The Rangers made a big push to sign both Eric and LeClair. They thought they had it done, but in the end Eris looks like he just wants to play in Toronto." The source went on to say that should the leaf talks fall apart, the NY deal will happen instantly...I feel that we will have resolution on this come Monday.

Curtis Joseph is in discussions with St Louis and Pitt..

More to come...

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