Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Strickland on Al Macinnis

I spoke with Al Macinnis this morning, and he was still pretty hesitant to commit on what his plans  are for this season. There is no question Al wants to play, the concern is obviously his eye injury, but to be honest I get the feeling he is more concerned with his good eye than the bad one. I left the rink today, coming to the conclusion that we should not expect to see Al Macinnis play in the NHl again, and I think Al will make that announcement soon.   Blues General Manager Larry Pleau will give Macinnis as much time as Al needs to make a decision. Pleau and Macinnis plan to meet again soon. The organization would love for Al to be involved this season in some capacity, I could see him taking the time working one on one with young up and comer's such as Barrett Jackman, Christian Backman, and Eric Brewer who once shared the blue line with Macinnis playing for team Canada in the 2002 olympics in Salt Lake City. St. Louis Blues Head Coach Mike Kitchen told me he would love for Al to be involved, especially controlling the power play, but Kitchen is very realistic and understanding of the sensitive situation Macinnis finds himself in. I asked Al if he would be interested in being a full time assistant coach this season and he was quick to point out that he has spent the last 22 years traveling and being away from his family, plus he understands how much time and work assistant coaches put in off the ice during the season, but he did not rule out coaching in the NHL in the future.

Al is very comfortable with his life, as he has become very involved with youth hockey here in St. Louis. He coaches two AAA teams which keep him very busy. There is a lot to be worked out between the Blues and Macinnis, in terms of insurance paperwork ect..When it is all said and done I 'm sure the Blues will do the right and give Macinnis his proper respect and retire his #2 jersey (sorry Eric Brewer you will have to find a new number) at some point this season.

More to Come,

Andy Strickland

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