Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Rumors....Pasi Nurminen

From a Reader..."According to an article on a Finnish website, Pasi Nurminen (the #1 goalie for the Atlanta Thrashers in the 03-04 season) has been forced to retire due to a knee injury.

Here's the original Article: http://www.ess.fi/Article.jsp?article=55010

Here's a rough translation (from someone on the Atlanta Thrashers Forums)

There was an annoucement today in Lahti and a very sad man entered the building. A few moments before Pasi had received the confirmation that his hockey career was over. His knee had been hurt beyond repair.

My knee was scoped a week ago and the outlook was not good. I was hoping all the way today that my career would continue. I am still shocked over the news over what happened. My goal was to play a few more years in North America and the a few seasons in Finland.

He recently signed a 3 year deal with the Atlanta Thrashers. He had played 125 NHL games. He was the first Finnish goalie to be a #1 netminder for an NHL team.

"I didn't notice anything on the ice during practice. When I walked out of practice my knee locked up and the end result is this." The ligaments are the most important part of the knee for a goalie.

Pasi was planning to leave for Atlanta to rehab his knee injury. But Ismo SyvƤhuoko who performed the surgery had been in contact with the doctors in Atlanta over the weekend. Both sides agreed that nothing more could be done."

very sad news


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