Sunday, August 28, 2005


The Richards Rumor

I have removed the Richards trade rumor from the blog after much speculation to its validity. I was very slow to post this at all yesterday even thought many, many folks emailed me with the rumor throughout the day..I did not believe the rumor at all at first. It wasn't until I got home from Atlantic City last night that I talked to two sources who verified there was something to it. They verified the fact that Tampa and Montreal had had discussions regarding Richards...However did not know the names. I am now going to spend a lot of time today seeing if the names are similar to the rumor that is out there..According to a source regarding this rumor, "This rumour got started on, claiming CBC Radio 640 AM in Bonavista was reporting Michael Ryder's brother was claiming this trade was about to go down. Two problems with this. First, CBC employees have been locked out by management across Canada for over two weeks now, leading to little news coverage, let alone sports news coverage. Second, CBC Radio isn't heard on 640 AM in Bonavista, but 750 AM."

This is an interesting case where someone may have invented a rumor from thin air, and stumbled on a player, Richards, and a team, Montreal, that is indeed being thrown around..I will get to the bottom of it...

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