Monday, August 22, 2005


The RFA's...the fun begins

Good Morning Hockey World,

We are one week closer to camps opening and These should be the quietest of times in our sport, and yet there are several players out there not yet locked up by their teams. It has been quiet so far when it comes to teams offering RFAs contracts and stealing them from their current teams. I talked to a respected NHL source last night about this...He is one of the big three in the inner circle and he had this to say...

"Teams had a sort of 'understanding' that they would allow each other a certain amount of time to get things done internally. Like any unwritten 'understanding' it is losing some steam and we could start to see some wild things this week. Agents are getting nervous, players are growing uneasy. Gms want answers...teams may have this week to get it done, or it could get really interesting sooner than that.."

Here are the RFAs not yet signed (per TSN)....I have also included the disclosed salary amounts so far

There are some serious names out there, and also some very good players. My job now is to see if any of these teams are thinking of grabbing one of these RFA's An interesting thing to note. The compensation you have to pay for a RFA depends on how much money you give them. As teams get closer to the cap, less money is out there, and the supply/demand factor kicks in. I have put the call out to my sources to start digging...I will report back with what I find...wish me luck!

Dany Heatley, Ilya Kovalchuk, Kip Brennan, Tommi Santala.

Nick Boynton, Hal Gill, Andy Hilbert, Ivan Huml, Andrew Raycroft, Martin Samuelsson, Sergei Zinovjev.

Jay McKee, Sean McMorrow.

Carolina (none)-$26,471,145

Christian Berglund, Jay Bouwmeester, Roberto Luongo (taken to arbitration), Vaclav Nedorost, Mike Van Ryn

Andrei Markov, Michael Ryder, Jose Theodore, Marc-Andre Thinel.

New Jersey-$35,732,794
Ari Ahonen, Matt Demarchi, Patrik Elias, Jeff Friesen, David Hale, Paul Martin, Ilkka Pikkarainen, Krisjanis Redlihs, Colin White.

New York Islanders-$29,576,540
Shawn Bates, Rob Collins, Eric Godard, Kenny Jonsson, Justin Mapletoft, Justin Papineau (filed for arbitration), Mark Parrish, Tomi Pettinen.

New York Rangers-$27,063,348
Alexandre Giroux, Martin Grenier, Bryce Lampman, Dominic Moore, Jed Ortmeyer, Karel Rachunek, Craig Weller

Andrew Hedlund, Marian Hossa (filed for arbitration).

Randy Jones, Freddy Meyer, David Printz, Wade Skolney.

Ross Lupaschuk, Ryan Malone, Martin Strbak, Dick Tarnstrom (filed for arbitration).

Martin St. Louis, Nikita Alexeev, Andreas Holmqvist, Eric Perrin, Shane Willis

Pierre Hedin, Nathan Perrott, Karel Pilar.

Josef Boumedienne

Stanislav Chistov, Samuel Pahlsson, Ruslan Salei.


Craig Anderson, Michael Holmqvist, Quintin Laing, Michael Leighton, Mikhail Yakubov

Riku Hahl.

Alexander Svitov.

Dan Jancevski, Mike Smith.

Darryl Bootland, Pavel Datsyuk, Matt Ellis, Niklas Kronvall, Joey MacDonald, Henrik Zetterberg.

Michael Morrison, Tony Salmelainen, Ryan Smyth

Los Angeles-$30,789,900
Yanick Lehoux, George Parros

Erik Reitz.

Nashville $25,137,740
Martin Erat , Adam Hall

Sheldon Keefe, Paul Mara (filed for arbitration)

San Jose-$19,243,400
Alexander Korolyuk (taken to arbitration)

St Louis-$30,663,600
Colin Hemingway

Artem Chubarov, Matt Cooke, Mattias Ohlund (filed for arbitration), Jarkko Ruutu, Nathan Smith.

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