Saturday, August 13, 2005


One of America's Finest Feels it!

I have some great military folks on my insiders list. many in Iraq or stationed elsewhere...."Free memberships to all military folks always" is my motto...This email comes from one of them...

JOC(SW/AW) Dave Fitz
USS BATAAN Public Affairs & Media Division Officer

Well said ... we had a big satellite dish back in the days also. Being
stationed in Philly for four years, it was awesome going to the F.U. to see
the Pens/Flyers games .. I have sat high and low. I always wore my Lemieux
jersey in the house and few times I got brave and wore my Barnaby pens
jersey ... Awesome fans there in Philly.
My top game was Peter Nedved scoring in the marathon game in the playoffs at
the old Crapital center which ended at 2:15 in the morning. I would have
stayed all night/day if I would had to. There was not many people left but
most were Pens fans. They shut down all the concessions, it was all hockey.
People were coming in to the arena in overtime after hearing the game was
still being played. My brother and I sat in the same seats for six periods
and moved for the seventh with all the Pens fans. May great memories from
the old cap center ... there use to be thousands of Pens fans that showed up
for the games ... that is when they stopped selling tickets to PA telephone
numbers ... Who can forget the Pens/Flyers marathon game a few years back
... that was awesome as well, we ended up on the run side of that score
I'm not mad they did not play this year, it actually in the long run, was
good for the sport. I'm jealous of the game you are going to. We will be
home from sea by then so I will be able to catch it on TV. Don't think the
wife would be willing to drive 5 hours to the game, not with two little ones
Thanks for all you do keeping us updated - especially with me being at sea,
where the internet is sporadic at best ... your emails have been awesome!
Thanks ...
From the Caribbean Sea participating in PANAMAX 2005.

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