Friday, August 05, 2005


Morning Rumors

Alright, after serious craziness, I feel renewed and ready to take on the hockey rumors world again. My wife is doing a little better today, so thanks for all of your well wishes...really appreciated...

Kariya is talking to six teams according to a source, but one that he is very serious about apparently is Nashville. Edmonton, San Jose, Chicago seem to be leading serious charges. Montreal is still rumored to be very involved despite Gainey's denials...Remember, Bobby Clarke was done as well..If you can get a star player, you have to look at it.

Khabibulin. It looks like Buffalo and Detroit are no longer interested, leaving only Chicago and Tampa as possibilities. That will get done today I have been told.

Lindros. The New York Rangers have apparently dropped out on the sweepstakes leaving only Toronto and Nashville. However, there are murmurs that Calgary and San Jose may be back in.

Selanne. Montreal and LA. But don't rule out Atlanta on this one.

Palffy. The New York Rangers is what I am hearing this morning.

LeClair. To The Rangers or Bruins

Hamrlik. To Vancouver or Carolina

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