Thursday, August 04, 2005


Morning Rumors

Good Morning!

After 2.5 hours of sleep, we are back at it this morning.

Kariya is not going to Montreal as far as I can tell early this morning...Selanne on the other hand...he'll be one to look for today. Koivu really wants him in Montreal. Kariya is down to San Jose, LA or possibly Vancouver. The hold up is that San Jose is also in the Niedermayer sweeps, but probably third in that race..Selanne is possible in LA, San Jose, or Montreal.

Niedermayer will be the name to watch today. His signing will start a chain reaction I believe. He is likely to Anaheim, however San Jose and a huge pitch by the Rangers late is keeping it interesting. Again, don't count out the Devils. Lou may get his shot...

So when Scott signs, Rafalski will sign shortly after. Rafalski is a real tough one to nail down as to where he is headed. he has been rumored to more teams. Everyone really wants him..I am guessing based on several hours chasing him down that the leading teams are Toronto, Detroit, LA and St. Louis. However Rafalski could also end up back in NJ.

Then we come to Palffy. The Islanders were after him until they landed Satan. Pallfy is running out of teams that could make him a big offer. Detroit and the New York Rangers are the leading candidates.

I will be on my sidekick this morning, and not be able to do chats or email updates. I will however be updating the Blog from the road.

I also thank the many of you who took advantage of our pre-sale to the new website. Many of you, who were already email list members are joining again, and sending me the greatest messages about these last three crazy days. I wish i could respond to all of them, and when this calms down I will. This has been an incredible ride, and we are just getting started. To join for $19.95 prior to Sept 1 click on the visa logo.

Also we have some marketing opportunities available. Be a part of our upcoming hockey website with the most "hitting" on the web. "Eklund's Hockey Buzz" at will be launching on September 15. We will have Blogs written by the best hockey has to offer: including current NHL players, the top hockey writers, player agents, and premier announcers. We will have the greatest free fantasy hockey game on the net incorporating real salaries and real salary caps with head to head competition between teams. We will have podcasting interviews with hockey's stars, and we will have chat rooms and message boards. Soon we we will have a preview online, but now we are offering some special pricing to anyone who wishes to get in early. Limited spaces are available. Email, and I will forward you to our ad department. Put "ADS" in the subject. Thank you.

What a great week to be a hockey fan!

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