Monday, August 15, 2005


Monday Murmurs

This could be a really fun week as teams try and gear up for the season and put on the finishing touches.

Mogilny. It is widely know that Keenan is making a push for him, and those Russians love South Beach, but I am hearing that the Caps are the team that may be driving up the price, as they need to bring a mentor in for Ovechkin. The Sharks are also rumored to be very interested in #89.

Bondra. Many rumors out there regarding Petr, who I predict along with Lindros, could be the surprise comeback players of the year. The Caps have the inside track, because Bondra loves the area and lives there still...I could see LA and Anaheim gettiong involveed this week as well.

Malkin. from a source, "expect this situation to resolve itself this week. Malkin is excited to be coming to Pittsburgh. Gonchar will be taking him under his wing and showing him the ropes. He speaks no English currently."

I have read rumours involving Stumpel to Pitt, but I believe that Stumpel may be headed to the Wild. A source told me last night that the Wild are waiting to sign any free agents until they move Manny Fernandez. The Coyotes are rumored to be trying to get Manny.

Cujo. After waiting for the Leafs to move Belfour, which does not look to be in the cards, Cujo has been in communication with Edmonton, and St. Louis. Detroit may come into the picture soon.

Andy Delmore signed a deal with the Red Wings. He's a good fit for that team, and a player that could thrive with the new NHL...this deal, not a big one, but could turn into something big. This is a good Fantasy hockey tip....

I will be holding an insider chat today at 3pm and a chat in the main room at 4pm ET.

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