Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Lindros Correction. Bondra, Hamrlik, and Chat

My apologies...I screwed up folks. Lindros is a few games short of the same clause that enabled Allison to get his deal, as pointed out by Paul Hunter in today's story in the Toronto Star. I was misinforned, and dead wrong. This being said, the Lindros war is still waging. Columbus is a factor.

On to Bondra. He is coming over next week and will likely visit some cities to see if he likes the areas. There is alot of interest according top a source. Teams currently involved Detroit, LA, Atlanta, and the NY Rangers.

And the other top free agent defensman left is Roman Hamrlik...He is reportedly closer to a deal, that could be rather substantial. Toronto, Detroit, Vancouver, Calgary and Carolina are currently in discussions for Roman.

Anson Carter is doing a physical with the Leafs today and could sign by Friday.

I will be holding an Insider Chat at 3pm ET today, and a chat Q & A in the main room at 4pm...go to to register for chats.

Insiders, check your email for password.

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