Thursday, August 11, 2005


Lindros and Chat Schedule

First off, Lindros to the Leafs is 99% done, and I say , "Good for Eric." I am not a fan of many specific players, but I am a fan of Eric Lindros. I think he is very misunsderstood, and he has (according to my sources) chosen to play in Toronto, over other teams with more money, because it is what Eric wants to do. he doesn't need the extra two million he could get elsewhere. he has always dreamed of being a Leaf, and he should be a Leaf. You only go around once, you know. (unless you believe otherwise)

Mogilny is looking more and more like he will be a Panther, as Keenan continues to try and re-make last years Leaf team in Florida.

Thanks you for all the emails for those of you wishing to write for I will continue to take emails through the weekend, and on Monday we will beginning calling everyone. From the sounds of it we will be getting some great, fresh new voices to go along with the fresh new sport. I can't wait.

Chat schedule for today. An Insider chat at 4pm, followed by a chat in the main room at 5pm.

Insiders, check your email for today's secret password.

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