Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Lindros and Burke

So the story on both of these two players today was rather bizarre...

first Lindros very much wants to play for Toronto, but the Leafs knowing this are low balling him at 1.6M. Then, the Lindros camp is looking for a Jason Allison type deal that could pay him 4 if he hits certain incentives. Lindros, like Allison, falls under the special clause for players who have missed several games due to injuries.. So now, as of late tonight, a few teams have entered the bidding. Columbus, Florida, and Calgary. This could get really interesting really fast.

Sean Burke meanwhile was listed as being signed by the Penguins on Sportsnet for several hours this afternoon. Good sources were saying he was signed, and then suddenly, sportsnet pulls the story, and Burke signs with the Lightning...This has left Pittsburgh scrambling and the trade speculation involving Thibault has already surfaced....

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