Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Kevin Gibson Article

I found this story very entertaining form Kevin Gibson, who writes for MOJO640 am in Toronto...Kevin is one of the better rumor guys out there and continually scoops many of the big boys...

Kevin Gibson
Mojo Radio Toronto

Teemu Selanne is a Mighty Duck. Yesterday I reported a rumour that the Leafs had offered the Finnish Flash a 2 year contract. Selanne may have used the Toronto offer to get what he wanted from Anaheim which is where he wanted to play.

Let's have a look at the Toronto rumours since the CBA was announced. Jason Allison and Eric Lindros were speculated for awhile and they signed with Toronto. Other than those two, none have come to fruition. The Jeff O'Neill trade was not mentioned by anyone until a couple of hours before the trade was announced, so that really doesn't count. Alex Khavanov was on no one's radar scope. Here is a list of the one's who got away supposedly. A local newspaper had Peter Forsberg in a Leafs jersey in their sports section as the concussed Swede was thought to be coming to town like Santa Claus. PF signed with Philly. Adam Foote a Whitby resident like myself, was mentioned as a slam dunk Leaf, day one of free agency he signed with Columbus. A trade was in the works that would see Ed Belfour dealt to Detroit or Tampa. Lightning signed Sean Burke and the Wings reacquired Chris Osgood. Joseph a Leaf again? he signed with Phoenix. Anson Carter another home grown talent who took a physical with Toronto, signs with Vancouver for one year and $1 million. Glenn Murray a Nova Scotia native and Leafs fan, re-signed with Boston, Ziggy Palffy mentioned in an article that Toronto was one of the few teams he would play for and then he signs with Pittsburgh who weren't on his list. John Leclair was going to rejoin Lindros as two thirds of the legion of doom line, Leclair is a Penguin. Tie Domi wasn't coming back to Toronto, oh wait, yes he is. Kevin Weekes and Byron Dafoe are going to back up Ed Belfour, nope. Miroslav Satan is going to make the hour drive down the QEW from Buffalo, he elected for the plane ride to Nassau County instead. This just in, Toronto is making a late bid for Scott Niedermayer, the late part is right, and not enough coin and no relatives wearing the Maple Leaf are the other two parts as to why Scott Niedermayer isn't playing at the ACC. Brad May another local guy was looking to sign in Toronto as well, but Tie Domi left his heart in the Leafs dressing room so no May Day. Two weeks into the ufa season, it appeared the Leafs were going to get their puck moving point man in Roman Hamrlik, beep, beep, beep, back that zamboni up, Hamrlik is going to Calgary to geat measured for a saddle. There are a few other rumours still afloat for the blue and white, including Steve Thomas returning and a trade for Brendan Witt. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Never a slow news day in the Toronto hockey world. I'm sure that John Ferguson has talked to agents about 40 or so players, I'm sure Ferguson has made 20 or so contract offers and the Leafs GM has talked to his counterparts around the NHL about making some trades, that's what JFJr's job is. Some of this information leaks out, it's only natural. Training camp opens up three weeks from Thursday, more rumours to come.

Speaking of rumours, Ottawa will push hard this morning to sign Marian Hossa before his arbitration hearing today. It's a no brainer that Hossa will win and he'll get near $7million a season and because of cap restraints, the Sens will be forced to deal Wade Redden or Zdeno Chara, most likely of the two departing is Redden and Mike Keenan is waiting with Nathan Horton in hand. I wonder if Keenan would then trade Redden to the Leafs for.....never mind, not going there.

Joe Patterson and Dallas Eakins will be named assistant coaches of the Marlies today.

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