Saturday, August 27, 2005


Its Friesen in Calgary...brrrrrrrr

Sorry...late night....Last night while preparing for my weekly spot on Rob Kerr's show on Fan960 in Calgary I stumbled on a minor rumor the Jeff Friesen may get moved to the Flames as a part of NJ's coming fire sale....(count the puns in this article so far)

Anyway, I mentioned it on the air, and then got some emails from some sources around Calgary that said it was definitely being discussed, and that Sutter would love to have Jeff once again. The two shared some good days in San Jose...So I made some more calls and it is safe to raise it to an (e3) on the rumor scale....

In today's St. Louis Dispatch, Bernie Miklasz, the number one sports columnist in St. Louis who basically rules the sports scene, gave a plug...thanks Bernie!

More Luongo Rumors Persist with Vancouver. However Montreal (e2) may be getting involved as well...I was able to get confirmation of discussions but not players involved. Also Colorado (e1) is working up a package for Luongo.

More talk that Handzus may be on his way to Edmonton (e2) and this could be clearing the way for Bondra to Philly as early as Monday (e3). But the bidding for Bondra is still heated.

Slow day today, so I am heading to Margate NJ to take in lunch at the Greenhouse and perhaps over to Atlantic City to split some aces (although never against a face card).

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