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Introducing Tim Panaccio

Quick note to start...

No word on Bondra yet, although I am haring that Atlanta may be out of the bidding, and it may be NJ or Philly coming down the stretch...Other teams still may jump in, but it is possible those two teams are trying to clear room under the cap prior to signing Bondra. Clarke was on TV here in Philly playing very coy about the whole thing. Saying the Flyers are done, but adding if they were offered a great offer tomorrow they would do it...sounds like a challenge...I will hold insider chats at 3pm and 8pm today...

Anyway, as we continue to speed towards our Sept 15th launch of www.hockeybuzz.com, I proudly introduce another blogger that will be a major part of "Hockey Blog World." A very connected individual who those of us in Philly fortunately get to read throughout the season. Now you'll get much more of him on hockeybuzz.com. Tim loves the game and knows the game as well as any writer I have met. (better than some GMs) He has some definite opinions that will be sure get the hockey world talking....the whole idea of hockeybuzz. We are lucky to have him!

By Tim Panaccio

The Mouth that Roared

Those of you who read my Sunday NHL notebook in the Inquirer know that one of my pet peeves is Bruins' owner Jeremy Jacobs, who never met a player he couldn't undercut in a contract negotiation.

Jacobs is one of the richest men in hockey, but has conducted business in Boston for generations on the cheap.

Along with Peter Karmanos (Carolina) and Craig Leipold (Nashville), Jacobs led the lockout and shafted YOU, the fans out of hockey last season. Jacobs was the head of the Eight Man Salary Cap Band.

I just love it when Jacobs decides to play general manager for a day and expound upon the free agent signings in hockey. A thank you here to Matt Kalman (Hockeyjournal.com) for giving us full insight into the text of what Jacobs told reporters this past week at the Bruins' annual charity golf bash in New England.

"I think (the free-agent period) has gone as good as anybody could have anticipated," Jacobs said. "I'm really pleased with it. I wish we had played a better role in the (Peter) Forsberg situation, but he chose not to come here (and instead signed with Philadelphia). I think we wound up with probably a more dependable center (in Alex Zhamnov). He probably would've made more headlines, but I think the result is better and Zhamnov was a better move for us. And I think he's going to fit in here and he's going to be stable and be somebody that we would really look forward to."

Okay, I was stuck in La La Land (Los Angeles) for the past eight days, helping my nephew enroll in college outside Marina del Rey and getting adjusted to the California life (babes, bars and freeways). So I missed Jacobs. But I heard plenty from my son, Nick, the second my plane landed.

Is Jacobs serious? Does he believe that Alexei Zhamnov is better than Peter Forsberg? How many Stanley Cups has Zhamnov delivered in his career in Chicago or anywhere else? Are you kidding me to imply that Forsberg wouldn't have fit just as well in Boston as Philly? Who would not want Peter Forsberg?

And this is an NHL owner who was playing the bagpipes for the small market clubs, even though he's a big-market owner with a small wallet.

With the Jacobs', the Wirtz's, the Karmanos' of hockey, we're going to have a grand, old time this season with quotes.

I drove a fair portion of the Southern California freeways this past week in Los Angeles County and did not see a single billboard for the LA Kings.

Anyway, you'd think the marketing people at the Kings might have thought about having J.R.'s face splattered across the 405 freeway, the 10 freeway and the 105 freeway, promoting smash-mouth hockey coming to La La Land.

Nope. All quiet on the western front, folks.

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