Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The Cujo Story

The Curtis Joseph saga yesterday was an interesting one. In the morning I received word that a deal was done. Shortly after that I got an email from one of the most reliable sources out there that had just gotten off the phone with the Coyotes saying the deal wasn't going to happen at all. Then TSN reports it is close to done. The Coyotes are very upset by the report saying that they have entered back into negotiations, because the CUJO camp has change the demands, but that it is still far from done. Then speculation surfaces that the agent may be putting out the story to drive up the price for a third party. Then Cujo is signed by the Coyotes.

Just another night in Hockey Rumor World.

It has been brought to my attention by some in the media, that I really trust and respect, that people are starting to really keep score with my rumors. One media guy suggested I start a rating system for my rumors, so to differentiate between rumors. To this point I have been basically throwing all the rumors out under the same umbrella...just rumors. My feeling is this. Unless you are the one making the signing or the one making the trade nothing is absolute until it is done. There have been some absolute rumors that haven't happened. Martin Lapointe to Ottawa is a good example.

So I have devised the following system

THE E-System

*E* Rumor- This is something from a single verified hockey source. It is something they heard about. Not something they are directly involved with in any way.

*2E* Rumor- This is a rumor similar to the first case except it has come from more than one verified sources. Again this is not from anyone involved in the actual transaction.

*3E* Rumor- This comes from someone very close to the rumor. Someone who would have knowledge. Someone from a team involved, A player who is close to a player involved, etc. These people are not the actual player or GM or Coach.

*4E* Rumor- This comes from a party who is closely involved and has told me it is getting done. They are sure of the validity of the rumor and can verify actual discussions are under way.

*5E* Rumor- The Deal is done just waiting for approval or to be announced.

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