Monday, August 08, 2005


Cujo, Lindros, Podcasting

Hey there hockey world!

Sorry for being out of touch this weekend. I had some previous obligations that really swamped me.

But here we are back in front of a computer screen and ready to take on the hockey world...

Curtis Joseph Situation.

Apparently two things are work here. CUJO has been talking to three teams to my knowledge. Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Toronto. Toronto is what has been holding this up. They have told him to hang on a bit and they may be in a better position to bring him on. However, I am hearing that he may have had enough of that situation and I would expect him to be joining the Pens in the next few days. The Pens really do get the prize for doing the most to improve themselves this off season.

Lindros. Mixed reports here. Talking to hockey insiders there is a rumor going around that Eric is very out of shape currently. A source of mine spoke to someone who saw him recently and said they didn't recognize him. I have heard other sources that said he has been working out hard for three months and is getting close to game shape. Needless to say several sources reported to me that Lindros and the Leafs is dead at this point. The price was apparently too high and there were concerns regarding his conditioning. I will find out more on this today.

Podcasting. We will begin podcasting in the next day or two. stay tuned for information on how to listen to interviews with hockeys finest that I will be putting out via podcasting. Podcasting will be a feature on the new website.

Thanks to the many who are taking advantage of our pre-sale for memberships to Only $19.95 until the launch date September 15th. I will be talking alot about the website in the next week or two as we get ready for the launch.

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