Friday, August 19, 2005


Bondra and Philly

Bondra to Philly rumors heat up.

Bondra is in the over 35 category that allows a team to sign him and put incentives into the deal that would allow the Flyers to go over the cap. According to the new CBA a team can go 7.5% over the cap and not be penalized in such an instance. Therefore a guy like Bondra could sign for 1.5M and collect incentives close to 3M more.

Doing some research on Bondra as a goal scorer shows some very interesting figures. In the last three years he has scored more goals than the following comparable players. Palffy, Kovalev, Satan, Demitra, and Kariya. And in that period of time Peter hasn't played with a true premier center. In Philly he would have his pick of Forsberg, Carter, Primeau, and Richards, and be only a 90 minute drive from his home in Maryland.

This is a rumor and it makes a great deal of sense.

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