Friday, August 19, 2005


Back to your regularly scheduled rumors


Peter Bondra.

Word is that he is coming close to a decision. A source has told me that Peter will visit the cities he's talking to and that the area he and his family live in is a major factor to him. Peter still has a home in the Maryland area and that has led to speculation that he could return to the team that he has spent most of his career with, the Caps. It has also continued to lead to speculation that the Flyers may move someone to bring him in. The Flyers may be in real need of scoring help from the wing.


So hard to read this one. His wife reportedly in a recent FInnish paper stated that they may be moving to the east coast for the first time. There continues to be speculation that Koivu has been pushing Montreal to consider his fellow Finn...(or is it fin) Rumors from friend in Colorado still point to St Louis. However Atlanta and Florida are still factors

One agent lent this interesting perspective last night. "With Comcast now holding the National TV rights some players are saying the Flyers may be a more attractive team to come to. The feeling is that Comcast may put the Flyers on the air more than others."

As far as the OLN Broadcast Team goes, many names are currently getting thrown around. I have heard Bill Clement will be a part of it for certain and that Barry Melrose is a good possibility as well. The
play-by-play positions are being widely speculated on. Mike “Doc” Emrick, who is one of the best people in hockey, looks to be the guy who will cover the Monday Night Games (OLN's Hockey Night in America). For the other OLN games the play-by-play guys are still being determined.

Living in Philadelphia, as I do, I would think an intriguing name and a good fit would be Jim Jackson, the Flyers play-by-play man who stepped into the legend Gene Hart's spot a few years back, filling the shoes more than admirably. Jim has been a regular host on Philly's Sports Talk Radio station WIP during the lockout.

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