Friday, July 15, 2005



I am very overwhelmed by the amount of people who joined yesterday, and brought their friends aboard as well. I am still entering names this morning, I have to say a general thank you to the many kind words in your emails. Over 3800 emails yesterday from the great fans of this sport expressing their excitement and kind words regarding the blog....I read them all. What a great job I have! Together, I hope we can really grow this sport. I have the word out to all of my connections to dish any free agent/buyout rumors they come across...pretty overwhelming amount of info for one guy to sort through! With all the players and hockey people that read this blog it should be a fun few months. I am also always looking for new contacts as well.. Email me at to become a new source. I of course get many crazies, so I do have to verify identities. In your email you can include your phone number, and I'll give you a call..Or if you wish to remain anonymous to me, I will need to verify through a third party that we both know. This is how I have gotten so many contacts over the last nine months. Rest assured, I will never reveal your name on the blog, or to anyone else in hockey.

I decided to keep this special $10 deal going until the press conference to announce the game is back on the ice. It is expected that press conference will be next Thursday evening, so until then Ten bucks gets you an a friend bonus email updates and bonus insider chats for life. To join, click on the Visa Logo in the upper left of the blog...As soon as I enter all the new names this morning I will be launching the Free Agent Frenzy! It will be one level now, but it will get really intense when the teams actually officially start talking!

Thanks Again.

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