Saturday, July 02, 2005


Weekend to Review

Information is very hard to find right now as the sides meet internally throughout the weekend in preparation for the week ahead.

According to a source, "The NHL is locking itself down this weekend, there are some rumors that certain team people are coming in for 'educational purposes'."

Another source, "The fact the they are working on the 4th tells us the most...There is a deadline here....and they are up against it."

All signs point towards two dates. The 11th and 13th of July...the days before and after the Baseball All-Star Game. Famously known a the only two days of the year where none of the pro sports are ever played, the NHL would have a golden opportunity here to announce and hold the draft lottery.

When will the Free Agency period start? According to sources, following the ratification and subsequent press conference, there will be an amount of time where teams will be able to get their own houses in order...sign their draft picks and buyout the contracts they wish to...

stay tuned...I will be around all day...watching Live 8 on MTV...that London line-up is outstanding!

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