Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Wacky Wednesday

Considering that no one is supposed to be talking until August 1, it is amazing how many verified sources are leaking trade rumors. One problem with the August 1 free agency period that alot of agents are complaining about is the fact that it starts at midnight. Is that really necessary? Why not just start at 10am ET? There are alot of logistical problems with the midnight start. If you are an agent you need to be in constant contact with your players informing them of their options. If you are an agent, and bothered by this, email me at and we'll get some kind of petition going.

Anyway, on to the rumor mill....

Pronger- It is looking less and less like he will return to St. Louis. Teams interested are basically everyone, however only a few teams really want to make a run. Atlanta, Anaheim, Ottawa, and Philadelphia.

Kariya- Rumors abound that he is San Jose bound, but I am also hearing that the Canadians are in the hunt. There was also a hint given to me by a good source that the Kings may be interested as well.

Neidermayer- I still believe when push comes to shove that the Devils will get him back, however not before he tests the market. In the end he will be very close to the max and if Jersey is willing to pay thae max I believe he would stay. He will talk to Toronto and Vancouver for sure, and possibly Philadelphia.

Satan- It looks like he will not be a Sabre in the upcoming season...more on this later.

Selanne-(one of my favorite players of all time) I heard this morning it is not out of the question that he goes to Montreal to join with fellow finn Saku Koivu

Eric Lindros- Definite questions regarding his current conditioning exist. He obviously has been destined to be a Leaf, but if Forsberg signs there He could join LeClair in Boston. Or both John and Eric could go to Calgary.

Ziggy Pallfy- A good source said last night that the Kings really will try and bring him back, but I have also heard the Stars and the Lightning(believe it or not) are showing some interest.

Brian Leetch- The New York Rangers you would have to think would be the obvious choice here...I was told that this could be the first signing.

Jaramir Owens- All this Russian talk is ridiculous. He is obviously trying to get released. And I am told there is zero chance the Rangers do so. I asked a high source at the NHL if he could play in Russia anyway and the source responded, "The answer is no. The IIHF would enforce a suspension imposed for breach of contract. This is why Yashin was unable to play in Europe during his one year breach with Ottawa."

Bruins:Contract Offer Rumors: The following deals are rumored to have been offered to the Bruin players:
Joe Thornton - 5 years
Sergei Gonchar - 4 years
Sergei Samsonov - 3 years
PJ Axellsson - 3 years
Martin Lapointe - 3 years

We will be holding our first free agent chat today in the main room at at 5pm ET. If you have never done a chat with us, you need to go to the website first and register.

The $10 Deal will only last until August 1. Thanks!

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