Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Rumors swirl that an announcement could come "anytime in the next three days."

As talks continue, speculation circulates regarding the Board of Governors meeting to ratify the deal.

Sources are telling me it will definitely be "After Monday."

Another reliable source said it will be , "Late in the Week."

Another source said, "The deal still needs to get done before we can entertain it."

A theory that is going around says the players will require at least a week to ratify the deal, and the Board of Governors wouldn't want to ratify it far ahead of the players, in fact more likely after them. That would make sense in this current timeline, being that the players would meet within three days of the announcement, and then hold a vote via phone and internet

I have been in chat alot today, but will hold a half hour chat at 5pmET tonight for the latest updates and Q & A session.

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