Friday, July 01, 2005



No meetings today, but they will get together on Monday to continue towards the end.

"Many people are starting to throw darts at the calendar here," a source said, "They aren't done that is no more accurate than a fun 'when will the baby arrive? pool'. It will be done soon, and hockey will launch an incredible marketing campaign in September."

The competition committee, reported on by Alan Hahn in Thursday's Newsday, is now being cited by other outlets such as TSN today, This committee, made up of players, gms and reportedly the widely respected Ed Snider from the Flyers, will discuss how to make the game better. This is a great way to kick off the partnership as was discussed here yesterday.

Due to some radio station commitments, I will be unable to hold the standard chats today....I will call together a chat at some point over the weekend and just pop into the chat room on occasion as well...always a fun group of people in

Have a great holiday weekend on both sides of the border! Be safe and enjoy the greatness of family and friends.

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