Sunday, July 31, 2005


Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Well here we are...get some good sleep, tomorrow will be a day and a half I am told. Thanks to all who joined the Insider list today..You folks are really amazing...I will work as hard as any person can this coming week to dig up the dirt and keep the locomotive rolling. We will be doing many chats throughout the week, and I will be sending out many transcript for those of you who actually do work.

How great is this going to be? This is going to be like a month long trade deadline. I got a box full of espresso beans ready to go! I may not be right about every rumor (I bet only 10% of discussed trades ever occur), but I do promise this..If it is being talked about I will be telling you. There are two reasons I give free memberships to folks who work for NHL teams. #1 Because they went through the most hell in the last year. and #2 because I get to have the most ears out there listening at the water coolers and in the lounges. I have some 75 people who work for NHL teams on my email list. I'll be counting on you all!

If you work for a team and want to get added you can always email me at and get added...I do need to get a phone number from you to verify, but I will never reveal your you know if you read me...Same goes with the agents..I have many of them on the list as well, and they can be very helpfull the next month....

Remember folks this is all about fun, and talking hockey and dreaming of new stars in your team's sweater. This isn't rocket science. I don't take myself that seriously, and neither should you. But a month long trade can that not be fun??? If you can't just enjoy this and all the speculation, than you need to remember what it felt like the first time you walked into an arena and smelled the ice. The first time you got to stay up as a kid and watch a triple overtime playoff game.

I just got a Sidney Crosby jersey yesterday from his junior team...sent to me as a gift..I haven't stopped wearing it ...I know I am a geek, but there is something about putting on a new jerset that takes you back to what matters.

Just like Christmas again...What are you asking for? A Neidermayer? A Forsberg to go with your Naslund? should be fun see you in the main chat room at Noon to celebrate!

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