Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Tick Tock Towards August 1

Look for the Caps to make a strong pitch to return Sergei Gonchar to the MCI Center. The Capitals may be a surprise big spender I am told... From good source last night from Boston, "I have now heard that following talks this afternoon, it is looking more and more like Murray is almost a lock to stay in Boston, however Toronto also seems to be interested, but Boston is expecting to win his services.

Lapointe on the other hand is up in the air at the moment. The Bruins want him back, they like how he mentored Bergeron, and they like his leadership abilities, however Penguins seem to have a real interest in him according to someone who has spoken to Lapointe recently, and apparently Montreal has talked to him as well.

Look for Dallas to re-sign Zubov.

Datsyuk will be a soap opera to watch for in Detroit. Word is he is using the fact that he could get good money to go beck to Russia to try and up the Wings offer....stay tuned for this one..

Forsberg is down to three teams in my opinion...Toronto, Vancouver, and Anaheim (should Naslund go there)

The LA Kings will be a huge player in the FA market with 24M to spend on only 10 roster spots.

I also am hearing that O'Sullivan will be inked by Minnesota in the next day or two.

Toronto interested in Manny Fernandez? At least two sources say so...

Finally, you will see many more buyouts towards the end of the week...really ne need to show your hand now unless you are doing a player a favor...

Tomorrow we will resume chats...today I am tied up working on the new website.

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