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Thursday Q & A

Due to popular demand, and many of you being behind firewalls, I will post some of the chatroom Q & A's we do on the blog...Today's comes from this morning's 11:00 am insider chat.

THF: Any news on Aucoin? any chance he going to MTL?
Eklund> very good chance...I would say 75%

bluesfan5: Ek - who would go from the Panthers to Blues or Atlanta to Blues
for Pronger?
Eklund> I honestly don't know...the names are really being kept quiet
because they are current players

keef125: Are the Oilers getting close to doing anything, and if so, what?
Eklund> They are so close lipped...I will find out more by 3pm for you

mrowl: Ek, do you know who the Stars are talking to to get into the top 10
of the draft?
Eklund> montreal

airjan23: will leetch end up back with the Rangers or go to the Devs or
Eklund> I am hearing he will go to the Rangers...might take them a while
until they sort out some fielding a team

FLAMESTR: ek is it true that Iggy is pushing the flames to go after Nieds?
Eklund> very true..I wouldn't say pushing...but nudging

Pig: Vancouver-are they shopping Jovo to make room for Neids? or what
that anaheim specific rumour with the #2 pick on the table too?
Eklund> yes that is exactly what they are doing...

PattyPred: Let's try again ..... thanks in advance. If a 2003 draftee
hasn't yet been signed and has had surgery, does that mean he will still go
back into this year's draft?
Eklund> i have a call in for you on that.

fenian24: and do you think most teams will take hollands approach of just
having minor lgrs on the 4th line
Eklund> that is a very good thought..but really what will happen in time
is major league guys will just have to take less..that is what
this is all about..

Dats4Death: Wings update Status on Yzerman, Kronwall, Dats, Zetta & the 2003
draft pick+any FA rumors going around
Eklund> Yzerman will be announced close toAugust 1...They are heavy on
Demitra..and if not Palffy

nickgregory: I have heard rumors of ron francis to sign with the pens...any
Eklund> yes..that is a strong possibility

molson: going back to the change of divsions, 30 teams split four ways would
leave 2 divisions with 7 teams. would they leave it like this or could they
add/subtract teams to even them up?
Eklund> I guess they would stay this way for a bit, but I bet they add two
teams, especially with the new cost certainty

predatorfan: ek - any rumors involving the Predators?
Eklund> nothing concrete...what I am hearing regarding them is that the
will wait until certain players aren't qualified more than go after the big names

GTsnowracer: Is Foote going anywhere, or staying in CO?
Foote will go somewhere...Toronto, Montreal, Pitt or Philly, possibly
maybe Nashville...

FLAMESTR: Ek are the leafs going to any buyouts?
Eklund> that is the huge question...nolan will be bought out...but will

sjbwing: What are your odds for Kariya to 1)San Jose, 2)Montreal, 3)The
Mighty Camels of Dubai
Eklund> 1 San Jose 55 Montreal is very close from what I have been told

bluesfan5: What about Anaheim? Would the #2 pick come to us for Pronger
along w/a player or just the pick?
Eklund> I would think would get something else besides Pronger for the #2

habsfan: who would Montreal get to swap draft picks (I don't like this)?
Eklund> still uncertain

Wings19: Who's in the lead at this point to pick up Hatcher?
Eklund> Philly

Nieds27: Is Vancouver looking to offer Niedermayer the max contract?
Eklund> yes...if not, very close

letsgobuffalo: Any news about the Sabres, and/or Satan?
Eklund> Satan is going to be out of there....But a buffalo source saif
they will go hard after Aaron Miller...."The Sabres need a stay
at home D-Man. The Sabres can afford His $2.6 ticket. McKee and
Warrener took the Sabres to The Cup in 99; Miller and McKee
might get a chance to do it this season."

radiodude: Anymore buyouts in Philly??? like Brasheer???
Eklund>.Desjardins is the question? Can't get a read on it.

juxtaposition: Ek, anything concerning the Senators?
Eklund> They are in good shape, and they will bring their guys
back...Modano's name is still flying around them..ask next week.

cali6buff: Is there any interest in Satan?
Eklund> there will be that's for certain...Detroit I would guess would be #1

WhiteKnight: Will Volchenkov play in Russia this year, or is he leveraging
Eklund> very good question..I spent alot talking about him last evening
to someone...I think he may stay in Russia

Wings19: What are the chances of Khabibulan leaving Tampa?
Eklund> I think about 25%

PattyPred: With the possibility of going to 4 divisions, would that mean
Eklund> yes

molson: any pens rumors involving defensemen?
Eklund> Adam Foote has been rumored

ranger2: The NY Post said today that the Rangers are NOT buying out Holik or
Kasparaitis, have you heard anything?
Eklund> I hadn't heard that, but he is alot closer to the scene there than I am..that is certain

LeaferINsensLand: Where does Forsberg and Naslund end-up....?
Eklund> I am betting that Forsberg goes to Toronto and Naslund Stays in Van

Raccer: Is the Sens going for a #2 center
Eklund> that would be Modano

isavji: Any word on Roberts to the Sens?
Eklund> looking unlikely from what I heard this morning

Raccer: Will Naslund and Foresberg will play together this year ?
THF> Doesn't look like it...see ek's earlier answer.

runnersdialzero: Any truth to the rumors of Cujo to Blues, Belfour to Hawks
and Khabi to Phoenix?
Eklund> Belfour would be really hard to buyout...Cujo I could see...Khabi as well,
but I feel he stays in tampa in the end

pvelyk: The teams near the top of the cap, are they going make an effort to
leave wiggle room for latter in the season or are they going to spend max
before the season starts?
Eklund> They are going to leave room so they can make a trade deadline
deal. that is my favorite part of the CBA . That they didn't kill trade deadline day

Lamplighter: Is Bryan Berard going to be playing for the Hawks this season
or more likely for another NHL club?
Eklund> If they don't sign him they aren't being very wise...He would get a good
number elsewhere

LeaferINsensLand: In the most stunning development of the day.... Can
anyone explain to me why the Leafs reduced ticket prices??? :)
Eklund> They had to. They print money up there...They made money with
60M the new mall and all..

spjon25: Ek what are the chances of LA getting McCarty? Seems like he would
fit into their plans
Eklund> very interesting thought, but I had not heard it.

G_Man: what D-men are rumored for MTL to replace Brisebois?
Eklund> Foote is also on their list as is Aucoin

chocula78: It sounds as if the Flyers are pretty quiet with all these rumors
flying around. What's up with them? Who are they after?
Eklund> They are actually pretty well set bring in Carter and Richards and
don't get rid of any one besides Amonte and
LeClair...not bad...they could try and get a guy like Hatcher if Malakhov doesn't sign.

LeaferINsensLand: Is Rathje staying with San Jose? There are rumors linking
him to TO...
Eklund> I think he stays

Lamplighter: Where does Thibault end up if the Hawks make him a FA?
Eklund> how does Vancouver sound?

We will be holding another insider chat at 3pm and a chat for everyone at 4pm. Thanks!

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