Sunday, July 24, 2005


Sunday Morning Rumors

It appears that Amonte is now more likely headed to Phoenix to join Brett Hull.

In Nashville it is uncertain now that they will re-sign Steve Sullivan...

Thornton will be looking for no more than a two year deal because he wants to be paid the max, and Boston may not do it Well Joe himself has always told me that he would love to play in....Where would Joe like to Play? According to a source, " Detroit. It is close to his home in Canada (only about 45 minutes away), and he grew up a Red Wings fan, not to mention his idol is Stevey Y (hence his number change from 6 to 19 when 19 became available).

Glenn Murray? From a a source "Mike O'Connell apparently spoke to his agent Friday night, MOC said he wants to get his RFA's signed and keep his house in order first, but I know that the Bruins have spoken to his representatives about him returning to Boston, they at least laid the groundwork."

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