Sunday, July 03, 2005


Sunday Fan Rant and Update

So many good ones this week...

Quickly on the CBA.

Internal discussions went well according to my source, and I was told, "Nothing major is going on, just housekeeping needed to prepare for the week ahead..." So don't expect much in terms of real news today either....Tomorrow on the other hand.....

Anyway, here is the Sunday fan rant, and then I am heading to the beaches can reach my on my blackeberry all day at the email fake "Deal is done" emails OK? :).............................

"So I just heard on TSN that the General Managers are mad because Trevor Linden and company are going to be the guys who will get to change the rules from now on, instead of them.

Before we go too far, lets remember something. -This time were serious about calling obstruction, and the even more famous -This won’t go away in the playoffs either. And they were right, they went away in November or something. Under the watchful eyes of these guys we also saw gigantic goalie equipment become normal and players like Paul Kariya get reduced to multi-millionaire checkers. -Story time now- Once upon a time- your top guys would put on a show, they would even try and beat a defenseman, the words the announcers used, I think I still remember them were, clinic or dangle, or maybe I saw them written on the wall of a cave or something. Clinic and dangle- now they mean I went to the clinic because the thing that dangles- well you know where I ‘m going.

The poor $ GM ‘s and owners secretly loved the hook - hold and huge pads because their team’s got to play too. And they hired some of the best tactical coaches ever, these guys play games that only a coach could love, just try put an out of market game on the tv in a bar.

Although there are some GM who want offense- eg. Brian Burke, most are sticks in the mud who are so worried about their jobs they can’t be trusted to make any meaningful changes. This new committee gets my vote, and while your at it Trevor- the cameras in LA and a few other rinks are so far away the game is hardly worth watching- I got Center Ice so I could watch what games I wanted but found out lots of em were brutal. Yes I’m fussy- even the recent World Cup they have every April had brutal ,in my opinion camera locations. But not a word on TV about the faraway cameras. I’m not a Calgary fan, but these guys know how to locate a camera.

And finally- shouldn't the fans have a rep at these meetings- we pay the freight- how about you Eck. you would be a great rep for us."

Eklund: "Absolutely! Who wouldn't love to do this?...I'd walk to Toronto for that..."

Have a great hockey day!

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