Saturday, July 16, 2005


Some Players' Reactions

How great is it to finally have a Saturday where we can look forward to hockey again. I decided to take advantage of the lull in hockey news and head back to the beach place late last. On the way down I made so calls to some players and hockey people to ask how they were spending the weekend.

Based on the players I talk to and other people I have talked to I would guess about 250 players are headed to Toronto. That is alot for a players meeting. Opinions are mixed about Toronto.

One said this, "I feel it is the least I can do after all the work that has been put in. I mean they negotiated the deal for us, so I should at least have the decncdy to go there."

Another player felt that was true and added the following, "I really want to understand this deal. I'm still very cautious at this point."

A third player, who said he wasn't going reflected his reasoning, "I care about the details, but I respect Trevor and believe this is the best we could get. I don't want to go and listen to certain people tell me how I should vote against it. I think I would be furious if someone told me that right now."

Another player, over in Europe on vacation, emailed me last night to see if he could get any details. The actual details are tough to find...There are plenty of leaks, and most are consistent with one another, but some still aren't.

The general feeling among the players is that of optimism. It is obvious they would like a bettert deal, but this is the the great thing about hockey players. They are resilient and are looking for the silver linings in the deal. Even some of the staunchest guys who I expected to really come out against this deal are saying things like, "we are really partners and we can make the game grow in new ways that will force the cap number higher."

Most just can't wait to do what players do. Play.

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