Sunday, July 17, 2005


Schedule Correction

My scenario form last week was almost correct, but a source sent me this this morning...and another called me to tell me the same thing..

"I was talking to a GM yesterday, and he offered me one correction to your schedule scenario. Yes, it will be 4 home/4 away vs. division... 2 home/2 away vs other division in Conference. And, yes, 10 games vs. opposing conference, BUT NOT HOME AND HOME AGAINST THE SAME DIVISION. I was told it would be five home against one division, and five road against another, alternating each year. For example, the Flyers would play Central teams (Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, St. Louis, Nashville) at home, and Pacific teams (Anaheim, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Jose) on the road. The next year, it could be Northwest Division at home and Central on the road, etc. "

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