Thursday, July 07, 2005


Rumored Deal in Principle


My sources refused to confirm this when asked. One saying "there is still plenty of work to be done." 

However, according to Helene Elliott from the LA Times..."The NHL and the players' association have agreed in principle on a new collective bargaining agreement that will feature a hard salary cap linked to 54% of league revenue, a 24% rollback of existing contracts and qualifying offers, and a provision that will limit the salary of any single player to 20% of the team cap figure in any year, sources familiar with the labor negotiations said Wednesday.......The agreement, which is expected to be announced next week, also includes an NBA-style escrow provision under which 15% of each player's paycheck will go into an escrow account until revenue is calculated after each season. If league-wide spending on salaries exceeds 54% of revenue, the difference between the salaries paid and the negotiated percentage will be paid to teams from the escrow account. If teams spend less than 54%, the escrow money will revert to players"

-No All-Star game in 2006 because of the Olympics
- Each team will have an equal shot at Crosby. each team gets 1 ball
- The CBA will be presented to the 10 man executive team in NY and BOG will ratify it late next week
- Players will vote at a meeting. if they approve, a 10-day period will begin for teams to sign players they drafted in 2003 and other players on their reserve lists. The season probably would start in early to mid-October.
- No Luxury Tax. The top 10 revenue teams will share a percentage with the small market teams.
- Baseball style arbitration.
- Free Agency goes from 31 for the first year of the CBA, 30 for the second year and 28 for the remaining 4 years
- performance bonuses will be based off specific things for forwards, defensemen and goalies. such as points, ice time and plus minus for forwards.
- rookies have to sign for 4 years at a max of $850 K "

My sources refused to confirm this when asked. One saying "there is still plenty of work to be done." 

Helene Elliott is tops on my book when it comes to credibility. She has also been very realistic in her views on when this gets done...If I were to believe anyone it would be her....

This whole thing just got interesting again...Free Agent talk is coming......I can't wait...

Stay tuned

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