Sunday, July 24, 2005


The Rule That Will Change the Game

You could even argue save the game.

Sometimes a rule change comes along that makes so much sense you have to wonder "why hasn't that rule always been in place?" There is one new rule change that I feel this is absolutely the case with.

The Linsemen will now have the discretion to wave off apparent icing infractions if they are deemed the result of an attempted pass. STANDING OVATION!

First off this is the rule that will make the lack of a two line pass work. This encourages breakaway passing. Secondly, it cuts to the heart of why the icing rule exists. Icing was obviously begun so that teams couldn't just dumped the puck and take off the pressure. But how many times have we seen icing calls when the puck just hopped over a players stick as an attempted pass. There is a dinstinct difference. I know there will be issues whenever you make a rule subjective, but this is 99% of the time an obvious difference.

Further along, teams will not be able to change after icing the puck. Another great rule. Ken Hitchcock talked about this alot yesterday at the Flyers Press Conference. "I'm more excited about many of the small rule changes that will open up the game. The two-line pass is a minor thing really. A mental thing that defenders will have to get used to. Many of the other rule changes will have a greater effect."

How great will this be!?

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