Friday, July 29, 2005


Pronger Sweepstakes Heating Up

The Ducks and the Panthers are making a very strong late bid for Chris Pronger...One of my better sources believes now that the ducks may be the front runner, saying, "Remember way back when, when Brian Burke was the GM in Hartford? He drafted the 18 year old man/child Pronger and pushed him to the forefront in the NHL. Pronger loves Burke and vice versa. (Chris went through some hard times early on)...Brian burke stood right by his man the whole time. Loyalty will win out over dollars. Waddell does not know Pronger the way that Burke does. besides, Jack Johnson is the next Scott Stevens. STL will be fine. Waddell will focus his attention on Adam Foote and Hatcher."

Stay just got really interesting!

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