Friday, July 29, 2005


Pronger and More

Some rumors flying around this morning....there really have been an amazing amount of free agent rumors considering the fact that it hasn't even started yet. On that note, I will be holding a special Free Agency party at midnight on August 1. We will be in the chatroom for as long as we can be, and as long as things are happening.

First off the Pronger and Atlanta trade rumors continue to get more and more support. One source adding, "The Blues are trying to find other partners to drive up the price, but the Thrashers are offering the most, and there are only so many teams that can get afford the deal. The teams all would want to negotiate an extension to assure that they have Chris past the one year. He is pretty close to a max player so that is fairly simple."

Chicago and Khabibulin? Don't rule it out. A source has confirmed that the Hawks are going to make a strong run at him. The Hawks are waiting until the last minute to decided whether to qualify Thibault and Berard. They may not qualify either and offer Khabibulin as close to the max as he can. The risk for the Hawks is they don't qualify Thibault, someone else snaps him up quick and they are left having to offer Khabibulin the max and praying he decides to come here or they are stuck with two young unproven goalies. The same stands true for Berard, who was invited to the Olympic camp, and as a puck moving d-man, could find himself very easily as the guy who goes to wherever Neidermayer doesn't for a pretty penny. Another player rumored to return to Chicago is Zhamnov.

Rumor from a source, "The Lightning will soon announce former islander and current NHL league staffer Claude Loiselle as their new asst gm."

Flames President Ken King was on the radio tonight and when asked if there were any legs to the "Niedermeyer to Calgary" rumours, King's response was;

"It is feasible".

"Sutter is a big Nieds fan".

"We will see within the next couple of days".

I will go on the record as saying that I feel that in the end Scott will be back as a Devil.

We will be holding some chats today. Insider Chats at 11 and 3, and OPEN Chat at 4pm in the main room at You need to register first to get into the chat, so visit the room early. If you are an insider, check the email for today's insider chatroom password.

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