Friday, July 01, 2005


Progress Report

First off, to my many Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day! Enjoy your parties today with the added comfort that your beloved sport will soon be free...

The NHL is not taking off today, that much is certain.

There was speculation very late last night that perhaps the NHL would surprise the hockey world with some sort of announcement today. According to a good source, close to the talks, that is not going to happen. "We're not announcing anything today. Both sides have a lot of work left to do and will be working over the weekend. We went to 1:30 am last night."

So there you have holiday weekend for Eklund!

Anyway, due to the late aspect of last night's talks, my sources are slow getting to me this morning...

Tim Panaccio of the Philly Inquirer confirmed a few of the rule changes discussed here yesterday...

From Tim's story: "Seeking to generate more offense and excitement, the NHL will make major changes if the game returns to the ice this fall.League sources said tonight that the red line will be discounted, thus allowing passes from blue line to blue line. The red line will remain on the ice only to determine icing.Also given tentative approval is the elimination of ties. Instead, a shoot-out after a period of overtime would be used."

I have to say this..the response from yesterday's requests for suggestions to help the league grow was this point over 1200 emails full of incredible ideas...I stay up most of the night reading them. I've decide that I will post one a day, in the noon hour, for all to see. (if yours is to be posted, I will be emailing you for approval first) My goal in this study will be to get everyone's mind thinking, and get those who can implement these ideas reading them here.

You see this is the thing. Whether you are pro NHL or pro NHLPA, bottom line is this: When the deal is done, the deal is done. From that point forward everyone involved, including the fans, will be faced with a world that is completely disrespectful of this sport. After missing a year, and all the bitterness of this dispute, we really couldn't be much lower. But with that comes great opportunity to do it right this time. If you love the sport, let's show the world why we love it...keep your ideas coming.

Finally, this has been a great week for Insiders joining up by clicking on the visa logo above. Soon I will be able to announce my line-up for "Hockey Blog World."....a place where the best of the best in hockey will keep blogs on my new website. I am still asking my friends, but more and more players are committing every day along with the best hockey journalists, TV, and radio personalities that the sport has ever created. "Hockey Blog World" is where these people will keep a diary of their hockey lives and debate one another in regards to the sport. Guaranteed to help you all pass the days while you wait for game time.

So Canadians...raise a glass today for hockey!

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