Friday, July 22, 2005



Wow, what a show!

In the end it can down to a battle between buoyant and non-buoyant waterfowl, but we have a winner.

The Penguins will rise again!

I am very happy that the other team in Pennsylvania lands the big prize. Pittsburgh fans were among the first to read the blog. I was on the Sportsnight Talk TV show way back in January, and I got to meet many people from the Pens world. And Yesterday, I picked them 30th! So that was a good omen, I guess...

I really hand it to the NHL and all the marketing folks for putting on a show and a half. The drama was awesome as the teams counted down...what an incredible way to bring back the sport! It was great to see Shanahan playing a part as well, wasn't it? The guy deserves a ton of credit. He was one of the unsung heros in my book...He came across very well, and did alot more in this process than will ever get out....he joined the negotiations a while back and worked closely with Trevor Linden. And also, congrats to Bill Daly, on his new promotion. What Daly did during this process was absolutely vital. He bridged many gaps, and went a few months on minutes of sleep a night. The players felt very comfortable with him. He relates with players so well...Plus, as many fans wrote me saying, he returned emails to fans everyday. In my opinion, he deserves everything he gets moving forward.

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Be the first to get one of these. I'm trying to get them to make an Eklund Jersey...any design ideas????

How fired up are you? Hockey is back my friends!

Tomorrow, the Pre-Free Agent Frenzy will truly launch as teams begin to get their houses in order by buying out guys and deciding what free agents to bring back and which ones to let loose...

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