Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The Party that is Toronto

What happens when you get two hundred plus hockey players (who have been stuck at home) back together with their fellow players...You get a crazy party in Toronto. I have heard some good stories this morning that shall not be repeated...Anyway, if there was any doubt that this was getting ratified it should just completely forgotten about. First of all you don't invite Daly and Bettman to Toronto to tell them you aren't ratifying it. The players that are there are really only interested in the parts of the deal that apply to them..."when am I am unrestricted?", "What about arbitration?", etc....

So what about arbitration? The agents, who after enough rightfully complained that the GMs got a running start, were given details via the web over the last two days. They are actually very pleasantly surprised about arbitration. The system works where each party puts in a number, and the arbitrator can pick any number in between. Teams can only take 2 guys to arbitration per year, and a player can only go to arbitration once in his career.

Now remember, with the lower free agency number arbitration isn't the factor it once was. And here's and interesting thought...Since 7 years of service gets you to be a UFA, will teams rush guys up from juniors so fast..Crosby, if he plays this year, will be a free agent at 25. Wouldn't you rather keep him in juniors for a few years and get more years in his prime? However, you can also make the argument that is Crosby is getting the max salary, that will be the same anywhere, so the only reason he would leave would be to go tot a team that has a better shot. As we have seen once a player plays 7 years in a city, it becomes very much home to them.

Anyway, Hats off the NHL, who will broadcast the lottery on Friday. This shows that the NHL is reaching out to the current fan base and giving them something that the only the diehards really want to see. I can't wait to see the lottery.....I know the over 3,000 of you who sent in emails to me are thrilled as well. How awesome will this be!!!!!!

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