Friday, July 08, 2005


More CBA Rumors

Take these for what they are worth...rumors...

Player Bonuses will be standardized in the new CBA. Forwards will receive one set of bonuses they can achieve based on certain stats, Defense another, and Goalies another.
(I also know that some GMs may try and give players extra years added to their contracts based on performance as well)

2004-05 Contracts will not be honored, but players will be credited for a year's worth of service. This will help them in certain free agency situation and pension.

The Entry Level Cap will be 850,000 but there will be very tough bonuses that could get the number to close to 3 million.

A player can be called up to replace an injured player and not have it count against the cap. That player's salary can not be higher than the injured player.

A team will only be able to take a player to arbitration once in his career.

In arbitration the arbitrator will have to pick one side or the other. Not a middle number anymore. Teams will be allowed to walk away for a certain number of the arbitrator's decisions per year.

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