Monday, July 25, 2005


Monday Morning Rumors

Everywhere I turn someone is telling me that Modano is seriously considering Ottawa. Also Gary Roberts and Joe Niewendyke may both move to Ottawa. LeClair and Boston are rumored to be in discussions, but LeClair has been know to want to play with Lindros again, and that will likely mean in Toronto. However, more Forsberg to Toronto rumors surfaced in the mainstream media, so one wonders if Eric and Johnny would go to Toronto if Forsberg signs there. Lindros has also been rumored to go to Calgary if not Toronto. Would LeClair follow him. One source said to me, "I could also easily see Lindros and Leclair in Boston."

The biggest thing in free agency now is trying to figure out market value in this completely new world...No one wants to be the one to set market value

One player I talked to didn't share my opinion on the new icing rule..." I think it totally contradicts having the auto icing call. Why did they put the auto icing in place? Well, to prevent the races to the puck and thus avoiding injury. Now with the wave off pass icing, your going to have more races to the goal line then you've ever had before. Most icings are the result of a bad pass. As a D-man, I don't like the rule. Also, your going to have a discrepancy -- some linsemen will make different calls during a game and it could affect the way the game is played out. Finally, teams could play for the "close pass" -- a team could intentionally make a close pass with the intention of icing the puck without a whistle. If they can really grind down the definition of the close pass and enforce it, the rule may work out. It can't be a broad definition that varies from game to game though."

I will be holding team specific chats this week, starting Wednesday in the team chat rooms on Thanks to all the new members that joined over the weekend..we will also be holding several insider chats this week.

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